The Large Half-Moon (Cognac, Cowhide, Moss)

The Large Half-Moon (Cognac, Cowhide, Moss)

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The Fall/Winter Geo Collection:

This collection is a complementary collection to the one shown at New York Fashion Week in September of 2020. This season’s dynamic collection of suede handbags was inspired by geometry, proportions, and rich leather combinations that transcend the heavier appearance of traditional leather handbags. 

Additional Information:

Color 1: Faux Cowhide

Color 2: Cognac Brown Suede Leather

Color 3: Tan Brown Suede Leather

Zipper: White (Gold Metal Teeth)

Lining: Assorted Cotton Fabrics

Zipper Tie: Black Suede Leather

Dimensions: Approx. 12" x 7"

Zipper Location: Top