Fabric Face Mask (Jungle Paradise)

Fabric Face Mask (Jungle Paradise)

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Due to the recent suggestion from the CDC that everyone wear a face mask while in public, I have temporarily added fabric face masks to the site for purchase. Please stay safe and healthy during this difficult time!


  • Fabric Pattern: Jungle Paradise
  • Elastic: White (Same as on medical disposable masks; braided elastic for comfort and stretch)


  • Pre-washed reusable fabric
  • Double layer of breathable fabric (100% cotton)
  • Front wire to contour over nose
  • Pleats to expand over face
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Middle pocket to insert disposable filter


  • One size fits most adults
  • Width: 6.75 to 7 inches
  • Height (Pleated): 3.25 to 3.5 inches
  • Height (Expanded): About 6 inches
  • Elastic (Resting): 2.5 inch from side to end
  • Elastic (Expanded): 6.5 inch from side to end


  • Suggested wash after daily use
  • Take out filter from the center pocket to wash
  • Throw out filter, and replace after washing

Filter Options:

  • Dryer Sheet
  • Tissue/ Toilet Paper Square
  • Vacuum Bag (cut)
  • Coffee Filter
  • Any Loosely Woven Fabric

*This mask is NOT a substitution for a medical grade or N95 mask. It should be used for additional protection with the option to insert a disposable filter. Please continue to practice social distancing of 6-feet when wearing this mask. This mask does not guarantee full protection against COVID-19, or any additional virus, but will add some protection when used properly.