Fabric Face Mask- Grab Bag!

Fabric Face Mask- Grab Bag!

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Slightly imperfect, but lovable!



  • Pre-washed, reusable fabric
  • Front wire for nose contour
  • Pleats to expand over face
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops for long wear
  • Middle pocket for disposable filter
  • One size fits most adults


  • Suggested wash after daily use
  • Dispose of filter prior to wash
  • Dry (machine or air dry) and then iron back pleats
  • Replace filter after washing


  • Discontinued Style
  • You cannot select your pattern-- we will be sending out whichever masks we have left!
  • *This mask is NOT a substitution for a medical grade or N95 mask. It should be used for additional protection with the option to insert a disposable filter. Please continue to practice social distancing of 6-feet when wearing this mask.


*all sales final